Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Back from Mexico!

It looks like I booked my return a bit too early! I missed the big snowstorm but the weather's been pretty miserable since I got back. To think that this time last week I was lying on the beach and swimming in the Gulf of Mexico!
Ah well, I don't mind the cold that much and here in Boston I can always busk in the T. The trip to Mexico was a success. I arrived safely with all my gear, without having to pay any extra to the airlines for extra baggage. Busking in Mexico was fun but not the most profitable. I managed to cover most of my expenses but I wanted to save some time to travel around the area and see the sights. My hostel was right in the center of Cancun and a real bargain at just ten dollars a night! I played several times at the nearby Mercado 28 and in the Parque de Palapas. The town of Playa del Carmen was less than an hour away. They have a very nice long walking zone with lots of tourists but I got stopped by the police there. You need to get a permit and it's not that easy and costly there to obtain.
I also played in a local school . I made three shows for three different classes and they all loved it. A teacher took some great photos for me on my cell phone. Unfortunately I lost the phone a couple of days before coming back and along with it, all my Mexico pictures. I'm hoping to get a teacher from the school to email me some photos and I will post them when they arrive. A couple of other folks have sent me photos of me playing and perhaps I'll get a few more. So it goes. I had a great trip and the memories are still fresh in my head. Since it worked out well I am ready to start thinking of future trips, perhaps back to Europe to visit old friends. I'll keep you posted!

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