Friday, August 16, 2013


Wow, has it really been two months since my last blog? It feels like the hottest days of summer are over and it'll soon be cooling off. At least I wont be sweating so much when I'm performing. Playing one man band in a heat wave is pretty exhausting work sometimes!  It's been a really fun season for me and the Professor World Band though. I've come up with some great new additions to the Peace wave Generator and things continue to evolve. I've been getting large and enthusiastic crowds all summer in Harvard Square and especially the Public Gardens, where I continue to play on weekends. It still seem to me that the more I play the more fun it is and it's been almost 30 years now since I first created the Professor World Band!

I just played at the last day of summer camp celebration for a local camp. I guess that means that school will soon be starting and the tourist season in Boston will be really slowing down. I usually continue to play up until Christmas and New Year if the weather is not too severe though.  There's still plenty of people around in the Public Gardens to play for. In January and February it's often too cold and I will probably make a new show that I can perform in the T.

 I will be trying to line up some gigs as well so that I can continue with the Professor World Band all through the year. I would love to do more schools and private parties. Please feel free to give a copy of my post card to teachers and tell them about my show.  It often inspires children to make music and create crazy music machines of their own! I can supply plenty of references from schools that I have played for all over the world.

Thanks to everyone for your continued donations which keep me going and your positive and constructive feedback which is just as important to me. Special thanks to those who have sent me photos and also to those who have given me chocolate! I'll continue to keep you posted on what's going on with the Professor World Band.

End of summer camp celebration in Cambridge with the Professor World Band!