Friday, November 22, 2013

A couple of new links to the Professor World Band

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

30 Years professor World Band still spreading joy!

Even the weather cooperated this past Sunday. It was a bit cloudy but warm. It didn't start to drizzle until later when the party was over.  The same thing happened in Bern 10 years ago for Professor World Band's 20'th birthday party.  Surely a sign that we should keep going at least another 10 years.
Thanks to all my friend, family and fans who made it down to help me celebrate the occasion. And thanks for all the fine chocolate y'all brought me.

My trip to San Diego was also a blast. The mini Peace Wave Generator I'm working on travels easily by plane and train and bus and sets up really quickly on arrival.  I played on the Ocean Beach farmer's market and also in Balboa park. I also played for the special needs kids that my niece is working with.  The mini not be quite as sensational as the bigger version but in some situations it may work as well or even better. So I'm planning more future travel with it this winter.
I also spent a lot of time practicing ukelele and cruising the beaches with my nieces dog. Ocean Beach is real dog haven. It seems everybody has at least one and some have 2 or 3.
And of course the weather was warm and sunny every day.