Friday, May 9, 2014

Spring slowly advances…..

My sister and my niece pose with me and the  traveling Peace Wave Generator in the back yard of the housing coop where I've lived the past almost six years in a shared big house with ten other colorful housemates. What an awesome experience it's been so far. I feel really lucky to be here. That's our compost pile in the background.  Henrietta, my favorite chicken up front on the right. 
The show goes on as the weather slowly warms up here in Boston. I still play in the T on rainy days occasionally but I'm looking forward to playing more outdoors again. My favorite place to perform around here is still on the weekends in the Boston Public Gardens.
Unfortunately I noticed they recently chopped down my favorite shade tree on the spot where I always play there. Once it starts getting hot again it will be too sunny for me there so I'll have to find a new shady spot. What a shame though. That was really a beautiful tree and the best spot in the whole park to play.

I've been still developing my new traveling version of the Professor World Band. Inevitably it grows larger as I add more cool stuff to it. I want to keep it small enough to fit into a suitcase for easier travel. I've been mostly playing in the T with it where the acoustics can be quite good….when there is no train passing through. It sounds great there where you can hear it well.
 On noisy streets, like in Harvard Square, it barely cuts through commotion of all the traffic so it's a bit more difficult . Fortunately most streets aren't quite so noisy.
 Harvard square hasn't been the most pleasant place to play for me lately anyhow. Too often I get bothered there by drunks and druggies who can disrupt the show. So it goes. It's not always easy being a street performer but I love it and the show goes on and grows and generates more and more laughter and peace waves. Times have been hard for lots of street performers lately so you really have to love and believe in what you are doing. I've been pretty lucky so far!
I could use an occasional gig to help things along though. I'd especially like to do more in schools but all kinds of events can be lots more fun with an appearance of the Professor World Band. Keep that in mind and feel feel free to pass on my information to anyone who might be in need of a really unique and fun musical show.
Thanks for all the donations, compliments and support I've been getting, both on the street and by email. I recently heard from someone that I met while playing in Verazdin in the Chech Republic about 25 years ago who looked me up online. It's nice to be still remembered after so many years. Don't forget to send me photos either if you've got any good ones.
And always feel free to come and join the band. I'm us usually still posting my whereabouts on Twitter at ProfWorldBand when I know I'll be playing somewhere for a while.


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