Thursday, July 24, 2014

Farewell Jolly Olly 2000 -2014

Greetings to all who read this blog. I thought it important that I should honor the recent passing of my dog Olly by remembering him here. I got him from a Swiss farmer near Bern in the summer of 2000.  He was an Appenzeller, specially bred to herd cows. He was also a show dog and from an early age really enjoyed being the star of my show. I spent a lot of time training him and he quickly mastered all kinds of tricks and even learned how to solve complicated math problems by barking out the answers. He had a passion for riding skateboard and although he never really quite mastered it, he never tired of trying, to everyone's amusement. He loved just about everyone but especially kids and often performed in many of the schools that I played in. He made a lot of people smile; especially me. I will never forget him! Rest in Peace Olly!
That's Olly sitting on the roof of my truck near he Straights of Gibraltar , December 27, 2001.