Thursday, July 27, 2017


And here I am playing in one of my new favorite spots to play on Revere beach last weekend. They have these pavilions there that provide lots of shade. There's almost always a nice breeze and I get a great view of the beach as I go round and round on my rotating stage. I even managed to get in a quick dip in the ocean between sets! I was lucky and showed up there just in time for their annual sand sculpture Festival which brings thousands upon thousands of visitors. I was just getting ready to set up when a policeman approached and asked me for my permit. Luckily I was able to convince him that I was harming nobody and that my show would add a lot to the festivities. And indeed it did. I attracted large enthusiastic audiences and had some of the world's cutest kids come up and join my band.

I've been taking advantage of the warm weather to travel around a bit and explore new places to play. Lately I played in Brattleborough Vt., Lake George, Saratoga Springs NY, Hampton Beach NH and Newburport. It's fun being on the road again. It reminds me of my good old days traveling all over Europe and finding new places to play and beautiful spots to park for the night. After living on the road for 30 years or so I do miss sleeping in my truck sometimes.
Thus far it's been a very successful tour. I've always been able to find a spot to play and several times have managed to convince the authorities to let me proceed when they have been of mind to stop me. I will probably go back to Newburyport this weekend as they are having their annual Yankee Doodle Day festival. Here I am playing in Saratoga Springs. I managed to find a spot to play right by my parking place on the main street. That was convenient. The local TV station even came out to film a song for their intro to the evening news. I may go back there again next month as it's there horse racing season and the town will be packed. I'll keep you posted!

Here is a link to another documentary made a few months ago by another local film student. I've been meaning to post it for a while but haven't gotten around to it till now. I really like this one because Warren took the trouble to search the internet for old clips of the Professor World Band and integrate them into one short film. I hope you enjoy it!


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