Sunday, February 6, 2011

Peace Waves in Honolulu!

Aloha from sunny Waikiki beach. I arrived a couple of weeks ago now and this trip is certainly going to be an experience I wont forget.
Before leaving I took apart the new portable Peace wave Generating one man band and wrapped it in a piece of carpeting which I bound up with old inner tubes. The day after arriving, still a bit jet-lagged from the journey, I reassembled it in the courtyard of the hostel where I was staying and went out to play a couple of sets on Kalakau Street in the evening. That's the main drag where all the tourists shop and the street performers set up.
The new version of the Professor World Band has been a lots of fun to play here and attracts lots of attention. It's been a challenging place to play. Kalakau Street is very loud and noisy and there are lots of other performers so it's not easy to find a good place to set up. Still, there are some corners where I can play at sunset and sing as I watch the sun sink over the clear blue waters of the Pacific. With all the blue skies and beautiful weather and amazing sights I feel lucky to be here. Especially when I see pictures of all the snow in Boston. I'm certainly not getting rich playing here with all the competition. There's another one man band and lots of mimes, magicians break dancers, and all kinds of musicians and just about any kind of act you can imagine. But I'm getting by, making lots of people smile, getting lots of exercise and loving what I do.
The plan is to hangout here for another month or so. By then Boston should be starting to warm up and I can head back to my happy home in Cambridge once again. I'll keep you posted and hopefully be adding some photos and video from Honolulu soon.

Hang Loose,
Ramblin' Dan