Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Celebrating 40 years of Professor World Band

 Wow! I never thought back on November 17th 1983,the day of my 30’th birthday when I first performed with the very first incarnation of the Professor World Band on the Green in my hometown of New Haven Connecticut that I would still be at it over forty years later. Yet here is a photo that some fans just sent me of the band in action in the  Boston Public Gardens a couple of weeks ago.

From that fateful day the Professor World Band has continually progressed and evolved. Since the very beginning its been designed to be a Peace Wave Generator, attempting to achieve world peace through street music, because as Einstein once said,”Only those who attempt the absurd achieve the impossible.” We haven’t quite succeeded yet but we are having lots of fun trying and are determined to carry on. We’ve played in over 40 countries and made countless people stop and smile and even pick up a tambourine or a shaker or a hoola hoop and join the band. And forty years later are still going strong. And the world really needs peace waves these days!

Whenever it’s warm enough on weekends I’ll be out in the Boston Public Gardens playing with the Professor World Band. Come on down and join along and help us make Peace Waves!