Friday, June 7, 2013

Why Chocolate?

Here's one of my favorite songs for one of my favorite treats. And it's a true story. I traveled all over the world for 30 years looking for the world's most delicious chocolate ; and the search still goes on today.
(see video below in last post)

Another true chocolate story;

 I always play with an "I Love Chocolate " sign in my case. One day, while playing on a street corner in the old town of Zurich,  a beautiful Swiss Miss came up and tipped me a very tasty fair trade dark chocolate bar. On the wrapper she had left me her email address. Naturally I wrote her to say thank you and we ended up getting together, falling madly in love and traveling all over the world together for seven years. That's another reason that I love chocolate! Who knows? Perhaps it will happen again someday!