Sunday, May 31, 2015

Return of the Rotating Stage!

I've been very busy with the new version of the Professor World Band since returning from Guatemala. and it's been lot's of fun. I also have been working on a rotating platform for it which is pretty awesome. I had a rotating stage years ago when I was traveling around Europe but this newer version is much easier to set up and transport and it needs no motor to keep it going around. It's a real attention getter and people have been very excited about it. I'm hoping for a good season playing in the Public Gardens and Harvard Square. When it starts getting hot perhaps I'll take a trip up to Canada this year.
 You can see the rotating stage in the developmental phase in this recently made documentary made by Harvard student, Michael Genecin for a class.

Now I have also mounted wheels underneath it so if I want I can set the whole thing up at my house and wheel it about a mile down to Harvard Square to play.  It's a lot of fun playing on it, although I do tend to get a bit dizzy at times.


  1. Hi, just wanted to drop a line and say that you are absolutely amazing. The idea behind the show is truly noble and profound. When I finished my classes last week, I caught a glimpse of your show and it turned a terrible day into a pleasant one :-) I like your motto about the absurd and achieving the impossible. Keep up the great work! Peace!

    1. Hi Maja! A little bit late in coming but thanks a lot for your comment. It really helps me continue to keep on inventing more and more absurd crazy fun stuff!

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