Friday, April 17, 2020

My first social distancing gig


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  3. Hello Ramblin Dan,
    I don't think you remember me, but many years ago we met in a Boston park during one of my family's trips to MA. Thank you for the fun memories with your exceptional musical talent and art, as well as the funny interactions with that one hand-standing policeman. Right now I am a high school sophomore! I wish I still had the autograph you gave me... but my papers are so scattered :(
    Please take care during this pandemic! I'm glad you're still going strong with your goal of spreading peace and happiness in Boston. I'm sure the lives you impacted so positively are many, especially with your first social distancing gig!

    1. Hello there and thanks for your message during these difficult times. It may be a rough winter ahead but eventually we will end this pandemic and the Professor World Band will be out there again!

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