Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Last Weekend of Summer

 I’m just getting back from my last trip to Boston this past Labor day weekend. Labor day itself was a washout but we really needed the rain. Its been a hot and very dry summer.
Saturday and Sunday were pretty nice days, a bit on the hot side perhaps at times but the fan that I added to the Peace Wave Generator helps keep me cool.
I also added some blinking LED lights and a rotating motor on the antenna to help better distribute the Peace Waves. The world needs it more than ever these days.
In any case it’s been overall a good and encouraging summer for me. It’s good to be out there once again doing my thing and making people smile. People have been kind and appreciative and it’s clear they are happy to see me back once again.
I intend to go on playing in the Boston Public Gardens most good weather weekends straight through fall and hopefully through the Christmas season and New Year if it’s not too cold. Admittedly that’s a pretty big if.
I also plan to start work once again on a new more portable version of the Professor World Band however it remains to be seen if I will be playing in the Boston T this winter. I’m hoping that Covid will soon no longer pose a serious threat and I’ll feel comfortable playing in a more contained environment. Lets see what the futuristic brings. Whatever the case I hope to go on playing and generating Peace Waves as long as I am physically capable!

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  1. I have a Professor World Band card on my shelf, and it makes me smile every time I look at it. Thanks a lot Dan!